SAFELAB is an engineering and industrial hygiene consulting firm specializing in laboratory planning, safety and design; ASHRAE 110 fume hood testing; industrial ventilation; and indoor air quality.

Laboratory Planning, Safety & Design Services

Laboratory planning services include site location and selection assistance, facility space planning, laboratory space layout, equipment and furniture specification, utility identification and planning.

SAFELAB specializes in all aspects of the design of laboratory environmental control systems for all types of laboratories including wet chemistry, biological, pharmaceutical, radioisotope, teaching labs, animal facilities and clean rooms.

The health and safety of the occupants of a laboratory facility depend upon the proper design of the mechanical and environmental control systems serving it. Should this be done by a general practitioner or by an expert in the field? You decide.

Safety related services include laboratory hazard assessment assistance to your chemical hygiene and laboratory safety officers, development of chemical hygiene and laboratory safety plans, laboratory safety audits, laboratory fume hood and environmental control system safety training for lab and maintenance personnel. Custom safety training can be designed that is hazard, site or work-group specific. Call SAFELAB for details.

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