SAFELAB is an engineering and industrial hygiene consulting firm specializing in laboratory planning, safety and design; ASHRAE 110 fume hood testing; industrial ventilation; and indoor air quality.

Laboratory Planning services

Laboratory planning services include site location and selection assistance, facility space planning, laboratory space layout, equipment and furniture specification, utility identification and planning.

SAFELAB specializes in all aspects of the design of laboratory environmental control systems for all types of laboratories including wet chemistry, biological, pharmaceutical, radioisotope, teaching labs, animal facilities and clean rooms.

The health and safety of the occupants of a laboratory facility depend upon the proper design of the mechanical and environmental control systems serving it. Should this be done by a general practitioner or by an expert in the field? You decide.

Safety related services include laboratory hazard assessment assistance to your chemical hygiene and laboratory safety officers, development of chemical hygiene and laboratory safety plans, laboratory safety audits, laboratory fume hood and environmental control system safety training for lab and maintenance personnel. Custom safety training can be designed that is hazard, site or work-group specific. Call SAFELAB for details.

SAFELAB has designed consulting services which integrate into those of larger Engineering/ Architectural firms. Many potential clients seeking to qualify architectural or engineering firms require a team which can demonstrate successful laboratory design experience and expertise. SAFELAB can provide your team with the credentials and expertise to qualify for more laboratory projects than ever before. Make us part of your team and become more competitive.

Our goal is to make your organization more efficient by providing expertise in specific areas of technology outside the normal scope of general practice. Our services free you to do the work you perform most efficiently. At the same time, we help you meet your clients special needs for state-of-the-art engineering in a manner that enhances your organization's image.

Laboratory facility design is our service focus. Protecting the health and safety of your laboratory customers requires techniques and experience not required for generic HVAC systems. The capture and containment of chemical and biological hazards, precise temperature and humidity control, space pressurization and many other engineering criteria characteristic of laboratories may not come up that often in your normal scope of work.

Is it efficient for you to learn and re-learn these concepts and take the chance of missing something important? Why not get a team member who is an expert in this field, one who can make the whole engineering team more effective? In this age of litigation it pays to have the best project personnel possible. Many laboratory facility owners do not have a laboratory planning, design and safety expert on staff and rely on outside engineering firms for this expertise. SAFELAB can help you define the scope of your project before hiring an outside firm and help you qualify and select an architect/engineering firm to design your facility. SAFELAB will then work with the engineer/architect to design the very best facility that will meet your needs and that you can afford.

Full-Service Engineering

SAFELAB can provide full-service engineering consulting and is equipped to handle turnkey mechanical/electrical engineering projects with drawings, specifications, field supervision, commissioning, and training for your laboratory project. We have adopted the principles of total quality management (TQM) and apply these principles to all our work and project processes.

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