SAFELAB is an engineering and industrial hygiene consulting firm specializing in laboratory planning, safety and design; ASHRAE 110 fume hood testing; industrial ventilation; and indoor air quality.

Laboratory Commissioning and Fume Hood Performance Testing Services
Fume Hood Performance monitoring is required by the OSHA lab standard. SAFELAB has a full range of laboratory fume hood evaluation services which can be customized to fit your Chemical Hygiene Plan. The services offered include face velocity testing using real-time data acquisition of velocity data, flow-visualization using smoke tubes to detect flow reversals and areas of eddy currents, a high-volume smoke challenge to qualitatively determine capture efficiency, and the ASHRAE 110 fume hood tracer gas containment test - the most accurate and quantitative standardized fume hood test available. Tests also include sash response and speed of response testing for VAV fume hood systems.

Testing is important, but if the hood fails the test, what then? SAFELAB provides fume hood optimization services and will adjust the fume hood volume dampers and baffles to improve performance and reduce energy costs.

In addition to these services, SAFELAB can set-up and maintain a computerized database of fume hood performance for your entire facility. Call SAFELAB for details.

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